About Us

EmailYourOfficial.com was created to support Canadians in their right to advocate for important causes with their election officials. This is the foundation of any democracy and with changing times, this platform offers an efficient way for Canadians to voice their concern or support on a particular issue influenced by either the federal, provincial, or municipal government.

EmailYourOfficial.com empowers Canadians to mobilize for change.

How do I get a campaign created?

Send your request to info@EmailYourOfficial.com to share your request. What we need to know

  • What is the purpose behind your campaign
  • What are you asking for from your government
  • Who is the campaign organizer
  • How long will the campaign run for

Our team will assess the request and approve your request.
We really can’t support every request so we apologise in advance if we can’t launch your campaign on our platform.

Is there a cost to use the service?

If approved we will follow up with some questions to understand the nature and scope of your campaign. There is a cost associated with running a campaign. Those details will be provided as we collect more information from you.

How does the website contact elected officials?

When a campaign is created, it is set to target a specific sector of the Canadian political representatives (Federal - MP, Provincial - MPP, or Municipal - Counselors). When the participant enters their postal code we determine who their elected official is and from there we send out the final email draft right to their email inbox.